Social Zone: Mourinho and Medvedev celebrate in style, but Mbappe may need tips

Jose Mourinho's 1000th game ended in typically dramatic fashion, Jude Bellingham will need proof of ID at Dortmund games from now on, and Medvedev has got the hang of celebrating quicker than Mbappe.

SOCCER: The Special One is at it again. Never change, Jose.

SOCCER: After dooming Arsene Wenger to a 6-0 defeat in his 1000th game, we're not surprised Jose was scared of suffering a similar fate.

SOCCER: A catch any goalkeeper would be proud of. Although is he even old enough to be drinking!? 

SOCCER: It's been 12 years since this absolute classic. Coincidentally it's also the furthest Adebayor has ever run on a soccer pitch.

SOCCER: Mbappe was about to do Ronaldo's celebration, but remembered mid-jump that Messi is watching and thought better of it.

NFL: Turns out the only thing the Miami Dolphins will be lifting this year is... a cat?

TENNIS: Well that's one way to celebrate winning your first Grand Slam while also denying your opponent a record-breaking Calendar Slam...

F1: The best - and weirdest - podium celebration in Formula 1 was back in action after Daniel Ricciardo's win in Monza.

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