Social Zone: More misery for Ronaldo, while Big Sam puts on his dancing shoes

A 90th-minute goal from Serbia means Portugal now have to go through the World Cup play-offs, Sam Allardyce hits the dancefloor and the England team show their wild side.

SOCCER: This season really hasn't gone to plan for Cristiano Ronaldo. He now faces the possibility of missing out on the Champions League and World Cup next summer. Yikes.

SOCCER: What non-league soccer lacks in skill, it certainly makes up for in entertainment.

SOCCER: Sampdoria's new kit has sparked controversy, and we can see why. It's a visual representation of the phrase "overdoing it".

SOCCER: Who knew Sam Allardyce could move like that? Time to test the duo out as a strike partnership.

SOCCER: What a crazy forfeit that is. Someone needs to get a grip of these lads, absolutely outrageous.

BOXING: Great stuff from both Josh Warrington and Maxi Hughes here, we imagine the crowd suddenly wasn't too fussed about the four cancelled fights.

NFL: Larry Rountree joined Allardyce on the dancefloor yesterday after scoring against the Vikings. Someone show this to Roy Keane please.

GOLF: And how about this from Matthew Wolff at the Houston Open, a sublime howl-in-one... I'll show myself out.

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