Social Zone: Mikel Arteta acts as stadium security, while Burnley are all out of entertainment

Mikel Arteta made sure last night that Aubameyang wasn't alone in being banned from the pitch, while we also take a look at a stunning stat from Sergio Aguero's career, and Roy Keane's witty post.

SOCCER: In light of Sergio Aguero's recent retirement, here's a stat that will blow your mind.

SOCCER: That now makes two people that Mikel Arteta has stopped from walking on to the Emirates this week. At least this one wasn't a former captain.

SOCCER: And, speaking of Aubameyang... Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe's celebration perfectly summed up what he's been doing ever since signing that big contract of his.

SOCCER: Oh Burnley, it's really gone downhill since that freak 3-3 at home to Crystal Palace hasn't it.

SOCCER: Before you say it - no, the post has loaded correctly - Roy Keane has indeed cropped his own wife from her birthday post. Try and name a more 'Roy Keane' thing to do, you can't.

BOXING: Some interesting choices here from Parker and Chisora, although perhaps the least surprising aspect is that they both included themselves in their list. But, at least it wasn't in the top spot, way to be humble guys!

CRICKET: That's definitely one way that no one wants to start a day-night Test at the Ashes. Ouch.

F1: As the 2022 testing gets underway in Formula One, it seems Aston Martin and Sebastian Vettel are trying whatever they can to improve the aerodynamics.

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