Social Zone: Micah Richards' hilarious commentary attempt, plus New York City's humble celebrations

When Sky Sports suffered audio issues, Micah Richards was forced to step up... and laugh. Meanwhile, after their MLS triumph, New York City FC showed everyone exactly how much it meant to them.

Fairly ironic considering Kylian Mbappe will be leaving in the summer... to join the team that just knocked PSG out the Champions League. But each to their own.

Is anyone surprised that Micah Richards simply laughed his way out of this awkward sitaution? That and he blew any chance of joining the commentary team in the near future.

We've seen bigger signs made by children asking for players' shirts! I'm all for ambition, but they're going to need thousands of Championship wins to fill that stadium.

I wonder how many times Chris Wood has used this one?

Is it too much to ask to just have Roy Keane manage Manchester United for one day? Ideally with a camera pointed at him at all times.

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