May 14 Social Zone: Mane leaves Klopp hanging and a big cycling accident in Italy

From reaction to Liverpool's win over Manchester United at Old Trafford and a car accident at the Giro d'Italia, here's a look at the world of social media this Friday.

SOCCER: Liverpool kept themselves in top four contention after beating Manchester United 4-2. Mo Salah's celebration here was a strange one, though.

SOCCER: A lovely touch after a tragic accident earlier in the week.

SOCCER: Awkward with a capital A.

*Googles Sadio Mane transfer odds*

SOCCER: Liverpool's team coach had its tyres let down and got blocked off on a side street on their way to Old Trafford.

Thankfully no-one was hurt, but are ambushes even a thing anymore? Do they still happen?

DIVING: To be a professional diver requires such an enormous amount of core strength and poise. Photos of divers while in motion, however, will always make them look ridiculous.

SOCCER: Manager: "We've got a sponsored photoshoot we need to do."

Player: "Really? What does it involve?"

Manager: "Holding a carton of oat milk like a phone..."

Player: "Say no more"

BOXING: Hard to disagree with Tony Bellew on this one.

CYCLING: That's going to hurt. A lot.

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