May 13 Social Zone: World’s highest-paid athletes revealed and a suspicious signature too

Fancy earning $342 per minute? Just become the world's highest-paid athlete. Simple. Meanwhile, is that *really* David Seaman's autograph?

SOCCER: Mikel Arteta wasn't too happy at the suggestion that his players aren't performing for him at the moment.

SOCCER: Gigi Buffon saved a penalty on Wednesday night. The golden rule of playing professionally into your 40s is that your age must be mentioned any time you play well.

MIXED MARTIAL ARTS: Just the, *gets calculator out*, $3,461,000 (ish) per week for Conor McGregor in the past year. Not bad for someone who fought twice in that time, while taking retirement in between.

Don't know about you, but I'd quite happily get beaten up a couple of times for that kind of money.

(For anyone wondering, that works out at about $342.50 per minute, or just the $5.70 per second...)

SOCCER: Atletico Madrid took a MASSIVE step towards winning La Liga by beating Real Sociedad, which has probably been the craziest title battle in Europe this season.

Side note, it was also Koke's 500th game for the club. Who doesn't love a homegrown success story for a boyhood fan?

TENNIS: She may have lost, but Serena Williams brought up an incredible sporting landmark on Wednesday. Strange choice of music from her coach here, though.

SOCCER: Foolproof.

SOCCER: This is all well and good, but who chooses the talent identification manager? The talent identification manager identification manager?

TENNIS: Okay Novak, we get it. No need to shout...

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