Social Zone: Manchester City pull a cracker on Declan Rice, while Sean Dyche tops up his tan

Declan Rice's Twitter solo became a pre-match Christmas classic at Manchester City, Lionel Messi made a late attempt to sway the Ballon d'Or his way, and Keane and Carra clash again on Sky.

SOCCER: Brilliant bit of mental warfare here from Manchester City. I can't imagine what thoughts were going through Declan Rice's head when he heard himself singing over the stadium speakers.

SOCCER: A dive so bad you just have to laugh. Of course, he went on to score a 95th minute winner too...

SOCCER: The voting for the Ballon d'Or is done now Lionel, you can stop.

SOCCER: Sean Dyche was loving the weather on Sunday, for anyone from Burnley it was a great chance to top up their tan.

SOCCER: A great touch from Harry Kane. It's a shame that the next time they're likely to be in England, Kane will be wearing sky blue in Manchester.

SOCCER: This would make a great charity boxing event. Get Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink to referee it too, it's the least he deserves after putting up with this.

NFL: Tampa Bay really lacked bite at times against the Colts, a real toothless performance.

GOLF: You have to rate the honesty from Brooks Koepka and Charles Barkley here.

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