Social Zone: Lionel Messi brings positive results, while Lukaku's love for Inter isn't reciprocated

Lionel Messi was brought into Paris to bring positive results, but he's taken the instruction too literally, while Romelu Lukaku's love for Inter Milan doesn't seem to be a two-way thing...

SOCCER: After Harry Kane's drama in the summer and then Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's axing at Arsenal in recent weeks, Romelu Lukaku decided to top them all as London's most controversial striker.

SOCCER: But even after the Belgian striker risked his entire Chelsea career to state his undying love for Inter Milan, it doesn't really seem like it's a two-way thing... ouch.

SOCCER: And with Liverpool's lack of depth in midfield, he's probably got a few more seasons in him too.

SOCCER: I know Mauricio Pochettino said he wanted more positive results, but I don't think he quite meant like that Lionel...

SOCCER: It seems Allan Saint-Maximin wasn't too happy with this news report.

BOXING: It's actually only January Badou, steady on!

NFL: Drama unfolded in New Jersey as Antonio Brown decided to throw away his jersey and walk out the stadium. Tampa Bay's head coach has since said he is "no longer a Buccaneer"... just another day in the NFL.

NFL: But at least the Buccaneers still went on to win... it could be worse - you could score four touch downs in one half and still lose.

DARTS: An absolute classic semi-final, capped off by Peter Wright who now holds the record for the most 180s in a single match. He'll face Michael Smith in the final.

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