Social Zone: Jamie Carragher's superb Champions League analysis, plus Jurgen Klopp's scouse accent

We've all chimed in on the GOAT debate at some point, but Alfreton Town have added a new contender to the mix. Plus, listen to Jurgen Klopp's scouse accent and Jamie Carragher's superb punditry.

After spending nearly seven years at Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp has had plenty of time to practice his scouse accent. He gave fans a little taste of it in his Villarreal press conference this week.

Now we've seen goals scored directly from corners before, but never straight from a throw-in. Was it a good throw or poor goalkeeping? We'll let you decide.

The GOAT debate has raged on for decades now. Ronaldo or Messi? Maybe even someone else. Well Alfreton Town FC in the National League have thrown a new name into the hat, and the stats are hard to argue against.

We've all been provided some high quality entertainment by some thrilling Champions League action this week, but this save from Micah Richards is something else.

Expertly analysed by Jamie Carragher too, top job all around.

Liverpool's 2-0 win over Villarreal means Jurgen Klopp's side have one foot in the Champions League final.

It was also their ninth win in Europe this season - just to emphasise, that's more than Everton have won in the Premier League in 2021/22.

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