Social Zone: El Ghazi silences all but his biggest fan, while former Gunners reunite

Anwar El Ghazi plays the pantomime villain against Barrow, two former Gunners reunite but steer clear of the Emirates, and Manchester City boast an incredible cup statistic.

SOCCER: The Arsenal documentary gets more and more interesting by the day.

SOCCER: Anwar El Ghazi really made sure he silenced those fans. Against Barrow. On a Tuesday night.

SOCCER: I bet it made this guy's day though.

SOCCER: Not to pile the pressure on even more or anything but...

SOCCER: Meanwhile, two people Arsenal would welcome back with open arms reunited at Liverpool's training ground.

SOCCER: Imagine trying to draw offside lines for VAR on this pitch. Mesmerising.

SOCCER: And the award for the most outrageous stat of the day goes to...

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