Social Zone: Christian Pulisic makes Love Island application, plus Tammy Abraham takes a tumble

Christian Pulisic sports a new look, Tammy Abraham is the laughing stock of the England team, and Connor Roberts confronts Burnley teammate about poor performances.

Tammy Abraham might have his work cut out for him to make England's World Cup squad after this.

For his sake we hope Gareth Southgate wasn't watching...

After buying a 51% stake in the club back in 2018, Ronaldo followed through on his 500km promise after the club got promoted to La Liga.

How has the player escaped a red card there? Talk about the referee 'bottling it'... I'll show myself out.

Christian Pulisic has arrived to the US men's national team sporting a new look... Love Island season is in full flow now.

Wout Weghorst snatched a 2-1 win for the Netherlands with a superb header in injury time, and Wales' Connor Roberts confronted his Burnley teammate asking why he was unable to do that for the Clarets this season. Awkward.

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