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  • Real Sociedad Manager Confident Despite Real Madrid Challenge

Real Sociedad manager confident despite Real Madrid challenge

Real Sociedad coach Imanol Alguacil is gearing up for a tough battle against Real Madrid on Friday, recognizing the formidable challenge posed by the Madrid giants.

Regardless of the line-up Madrid field, Alguacil is aware of the quality they possess, acknowledging the strength of their squad and the prowess of coach Carlo Ancelotti, as per a report by Marca.

"Real Madrid is a great club, always hungry for victory," Alguacil remarked. "It's going to be a very tough match, regardless of who plays, because they have an extraordinary squad and a fantastic coach, the best in recent years at Real Madrid."

Alguacil remained focused on his own team's performance, stating, "To be honest, what others do matters least to me. What's important is our own performance. Madrid is a big team, no matter their circumstances, they always play to win."

Dismissing any notion of weakened opposition due to rotations, Alguacil expects a strong Madrid side on the field. "I expect a strong Madrid, regardless of who's on the field, because they have a great squad. Despite numerous absences this season, they've consistently shown their quality."

While acknowledging Madrid's impressive record, Alguacil expressed determination. "Their record speaks volumes, but we'll do our best to disrupt their game and capitalize on our opportunities."

Analyzing Madrid's tactics, Alguacil described them as dynamic and difficult to counter, crediting their coach for their fluidity and competitive spirit.

Addressing fan behavior, Alguacil emphasized the importance of positivity, hoping to avoid incidents like those seen in previous matches.

With the upcoming fixture sold out at the Reale Arena, Alguacil underlined the significance of fan support, especially in pivotal matches.

As both teams prepare for their 48th match of the season, Alguacil expressed hope for Real Sociedad's strong finish in their pursuit of European qualification.

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