Social Zone: Chaotic scenes at Brazil vs Argentina are capped off by a goalkeeper screamer

Brazil are denied their Copa America revenge by health officials, San Marino celebrate a rare goal against Poland, and the US Open is playing host to the latest tennis stars.

SOCCER: I know South American soccer has a reputation for being a bit out there, but trying to deport players mid-game is another level. 

SOCCER: But hey, at least Brazil still put on a show for the fans.

SOCCER: Also, what is it with Brazilian goalkeepers and their outfield ability?

SOCCER: In other news... San Marino scored a goal. Granted, they lost 7-1, but a goal nonetheless.

SOCCER: I wouldn't get used to it Cristiano...

SOCCER: Who else was it going to be?

SOCCER: Chelsea fans will hardly believe their eyes. Until they realise it was against Armenia, and then it suddenly becomes a whole lot more believable.

TENNIS: The US Open has officially been taken over by 18-year-olds. New generation.

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