Social Zone: Betis and Sociedad share the festive spirit, while Verstappen celebrates his F1 title

When Real Betis fans threw stuffed toys on the pitch, Sociedad joined them in handing out gifts. Elsewhere, Mbappe and Messi spark up the most unexpected relationship and the F1 descended into chaos.

SOCCER: Here's a heartwarming start to your week, with Real Betis fans really feeling festive. Or wanting to time waste, who knows.

SOCCER: And speaking of presents, Betis received one in the match from Real Sociedad's goalkeeper. Anyone have any idea what he's doing?

SOCCER: Who would've thought that pairing two of the world's best players together would end up working. Mindblowing stuff.

SOCCER: How about this from Ben Watson? Dressed head to toe as Steve Sidwell for Charlton's Christmas party. Great stuff.

FORMULA 1: The final race of the F1 season ended specacularly, with Max Verstappen winning controversially on the last lap to clinch the World Championship. It's a good thing Red Bull are better at constructing race cars than they are at singing too.

FORMULA 1: And now it all makes sense. These two know a thing or two about leaving it late.

FORMULA 1: But we should also take time out to congratulate Sebastian Vettel on his "most overtakes" award. Enjoy those jellybeans Seb.

NFL: In the name of rivalry or pettiness? We'll let you decide...

BOXING: I wouldn't say that's my favourite way to kick back and relax, but each to their own - and especially to Jake Paul.

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