Social Zone: Belgium halt Everton's manager search, while Graham Potter doubts he's a 'sexy manager'

Everton were desperate to bring back a former manager they hated, but it seems they can't even do that. Also, Robert Lewandowski finally received an accolade, but no thanks to Lionel Messi's voting.

Just as things looked like they couldn't get any worse for Everton, they now can't even bring back the former manager they used to hate.

It might not be a Ballon d'Or, but at least Robert Lewandowski got some sort of recognition this year. Just a reminder he's scored 23 goals in 19 matches this season too!

Although it seems he didn't get much praise (or votes) from Lionel Messi.

Yeah, probably best you stick with the management stuff Graham.

Finally something for Tottenham to stick in their trophy cabinet. And against Arsenal too.

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