Social Zone: Arrizabalaga the hero as Tuchel is celebrated for his tactical genius

Blues lift the Super Cup following penalty shootout success, while Sergio Ramos offers to take in a lodger.

SOCCER: Substitute keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga was the hero on Wednesday night, saving two penalties as Chelsea beat Villarreal in the Super Cup, though to be fair I could probably have saved this one.

SOCCER: Absolutely nothing to do with it being a s*** penalty.

SOCCER: In fact, let's forget the s*** penalty altogether and completely lose our minds.

SOCCER: Seems Paris Saint-Germain think Ligue 1 is going to be so easy they are set to play Messi and Ramos with both hands tied behind their back.

SOCCER: I hope they're going to split the bills.

SOCCER: Beckham to Beckham. Sweet the first time but it does start to get annoying.

SOCCER: I never managed to complete the Rubik's Cube despite buying a cheat sheet off someone at school (oh, the days before the internet). Maybe I would have been better off turning my attention to something like this. Here is former Huddersfield Town defender turned Terriers coach Michael Hefele recreated using 500 Rubik's Cubes.

SOCCER: Well, it's not every day you bump into a legend at a Spalding United game.

BASEBALL: Cool. As. You. Like.

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