April 2 Social Zone: Eddie Howe's impending Celtic appointment; Germany's negative press

As ever, the world of sport has been alive with different stories throughout the day. This Friday is no different, with the sad addition of tragic news to come out of England.

SOCCER: Remember how we said on Thursday to spare a thought for Germany for their incoming negative press after losing to North Macedonia? The results are in:

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KAYAKING: This isn't much of a happy-go-lucky sporty social media post for your Friday morning. What the…?

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SOCCER: Last season's Copa del Rey final was heavily delayed because of, well, you know what.

The 2019/20 final will now take place on Saturday, but the 2020/21 final is just two weeks later. Athletic Bilbao will be playing in both finals, here's the send-off they received for their first crack at the trophy against Basque rivals Real Sociedad (socially distanced, of course).

SOCCER: Staying in Spain, Sergio Ramos looks like he's going to be out for the next month. After his shenanigans against Liverpool the last time the teams met, Reds fans have taken the news well. This is one of the more PC responses.

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SOCCER: It looks like Eddie Howe may be the next Celtic boss. Bhoys fans seem thrilled by the news, plus getting a behind-the-scenes look at a previous training session is always a good insight.

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FORMULA ONE: If you haven't seen Drive To Survive on Netflix yet, you really need to. Either way, Daniel Ricciardo's podiums last season means his old boss now has to get a tattoo after a long-standing bet. At his new team, his new CEO has made NASCAR fan Ricciardo an offer he can't refuse if he gets on the podium again.

SOCCER: To finish on a serious and tragic note, we'd like to join the wider sporting community in sending our condolences to the family of Yeovil Town captain Lee Collins, who has sadly passed away aged just 32.

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