April 1 Social Zone: Foolish performance from Germany in huge World Cup qualifying upset

If you thought there would be uproar at England drawing against Poland on Wednesday night (which thankfully didn't happen), spare a thought for how Germany will be treated on Thursday.

SOCCER: Is there anything better in sport than minnows beating one of the world's biggest teams and looking like they can't quite believe it afterwards?

It was also a good night for raising awareness of Macedonia's name change to North Macedonia.

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SOCCER: *Clears throat*: STAT

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GOLF: The Masters starts in seven days, so let's begin the countdown by remembering this shot from Adam Scott back in 2010.

Wait for it, wait for it…

SOCCER: Has anyone mentioned the phrase 'spared England's blushes' yet? We're all clearly embarrassed by not winning 5-0 instead of 2-1 against a decent Poland side. (Nice finish by the way, Harry).

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SOCCER: Fun fact about Kieran Tierney's performance if you didn't know: He played as a centre-back against the Faroe Islands.

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SOCCER: Inter Milan have a new crest, but I'm not sure about this wording here. Anyone remember the Two Ronnies' sketch 'Swedish Made Simple?'

SOCCER: Here's Inter's new badge anyway. They announced this on Wednesday morning but their social media team must have been busy - they posted 22 times after this yesterday; mostly pictures of players doing their best model poses in new merch.

SOCCER: Pretty much.

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