Social Zone: AFCON descends into refereeing chaos, while Sergio Aguero tries a new sport

Mali's match with Tunisia in AFCON was clouded by a controversial referee, Philippe Coutinho is already a hit with the Villa fans, and Sergio Aguero has swapped football for tennis.

SOCCER: AFCON wasn't short of entertainment yesterday, although perhaps for the wrong reasons, with the referee of the Mali vs Tunisia match wrongly blowing for full-time... twice.

SOCCER: And it's not the only instance in the tournament that there's been a strange amount of time at the end of the game, check this out...

SOCCER: Back in the Premier League, Aston Villa were finally able to show off their shiny new signing. Fair play to you if you had this in your 2022 bingo.

SOCCER: And it seems the Villa faithful have already taken to their magical Brazilian well, although part of me thinks it's more about their anger towards Jack Grealish than anything else.

SOCCER: Just a reminder that Ilkay Gundogan has played under both Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola - one for the future.

SOCCER: So graceful. So elegant.

SOCCER: English non-league soccer always manages to spring a surprise.

SOCCER: It seems like Sergio Aguero has decided to try out a new sport following his forced retirement.

TENNIS: After all the drama surrounding Novak Djokovic recently, this would be a fitting plot twist.

FORMULA 1: Yes, you're reading that correctly. Someone good at racing on a video game has actually been hired to drive professionally in real life. Impressive stuff.

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