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New Liverpool boss Arne Slot opens up on pressure of succeeding Jurgen Klopp in first presser

As he faced the media on Friday for the first time as new Liverpool head coach, Arne Slot admitted he has "big shoes to fill" as the Dutchman attempts to build on the legacy of his legendary predecessor Jurgen Klopp.

Slot has the unenviable task of following nine seasons of success under the likeable German, who won a first Premier League title in 30 years and reached three Champions League finals, winning one.

Klopp's affinity with supporters was also a major factor during his reign and Slot said that was something he would have to develop, although success on the pitch would help.

"They are big shoes to fill but you can look at it as inheriting a squad and a team which has a winning culture," he said at his first press conference.

"One of the reasons to come here — and there are always more reasons for this — but I do feel we have a really good squad, and as a manager you want to work at a club with good players with an opportunity to win something.

"The past has shown there is a possibility to win some trophies. I like to work with players and like to develop them but I like to win as well, and at this club there is an opportunity to win.

"It always helps to get to know the city but I think, as a manager, it helps even more if you win most of your games.

"If we do that in the best possible way it will probably give me some time as well, and if I have time then I can get to know the city a bit better.

"But it all starts with improving the team and winning as many games as we can."

A change in the football structure at the club means the former Feyenoord boss is the first head coach in Liverpool's history and he will work closely with their new sporting director Richard Hughes, who sat alongside him at the press conference.

Transfers will be the most significant area where the two need to be aligned but the Dutchman does not see it being an issue as he is used to working within similar set-ups.

"For me it is not a change, in Europe we work like this and I've worked at Feyenoord and my former clubs like this," he added.

"There are not many clubs in the world where one person decides everything. It is a collaboration between many people.

"I don't think there are many sporting directors who bring in players the manager or head coach doesn't like and it is the other way around."

Both Slot and Hughes spoke of the quality of the squad with which they were working but also of the need to make improvements.

However, the head coach would not specify where he wants to strengthen.

"Not in specific numbers. There is already a real good team, there were a few new signings last season," he said.

"So the longer a team plays together if there is a good head coach normally you will see things will improve.

"It is fortunate I am going to a club where normally not many transfers go out. At Feyenoord it was almost normal (that) eight, nine, 10 players left the club after every season so it is more difficult for a manager to get this progress.

"But here I am expecting him (Hughes) to keep most of our players and I think he wants that himself and from there we can only build."

The emphasis on Hughes is to secure the futures of captain Virgil van Dijk, Mohamed Salah and Trent Alexander-Arnold as all have entered the final 12 months of their contracts.

"Contractual situations I don't think it would be fair for me to talk about, these are private matters between club and players," said Hughes.

"The only concern I and Arne have about these situations is total commitment from the players to the cause for next season and we are absolutely convinced that will be the case."

On transfers, he added: "We need to improve, we need to improve on the training pitch and with the window open we will always be opportunistic if we can, if we can improve certain areas as we go we will look to do that."

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