May 31 Social Zone: Christian Pulisic flies the flag for USA after Champions League win

USMNT attacker hoping to inspire youngsters back home, while Sergio Aguero bids a fond farewell to Manchester City.

SOCCER: I hate to break it to you Christian, but they'd probably rather be starting the match.

SOCCER: Farewell Sergio. It's been a pleasure.

SOCCER: It was a great day for Blackpool and Ollie Turton on Sunday as they clinched promotion back to Championship with a 2-1 play-off final win over Lincoln City. However, it wasn't looking quite so good 52 seconds in.

SOCCER: The Euros are coming. And Jack's back.

SOCCER: A new TikTok dance craze? Spade optional.

SOCCER: Shades of Alan Fettis. What do you mean you don't know who Alan Fettis is? Maybe this article will help.

BOXING: Even he can't believe this, surely?

BASKETBALL: Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving was the latest player to be the subject of abusive NBA fan behaviour. The fan, wearing a Boston Celtics jersey, was later arrested and subjected to a lifetime ban.

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