March 15 Social Zone: Pele pays tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo after failing to unearth any more goals

Portuguese forward takes over Brazilian’s top scorer mantle; traffic problems for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

SOCCER: Cristiano Ronaldo received a congratulatory message from Pele after passing the Brazilian's official/unofficial record of 767 goals with a hat-trick against Calgiari on Sunday. Pele finally accepting those 16 goals in dads v lads matches wouldn't be counted in his official records.

SOCCER: However, Ronaldo had been lucky to stay on the pitch on Sunday. This foot-up challenge on Calgiari keeper Alessio Cragno came shortly after he scored his opener.

SOCCER: And while we're on the subject of players seemingly receiving favourable treatment from referees, here's Harry Kane in action.

SOCCER: We've all been late for work...

SOCCER: Calm down mate, it's the Papa John's Trophy. Even Papa John himself probably wasn't aware it was taking place.

SOCCER: Never stopping working? Never stop taking Instagram pictures more like.

SOCCER: Another weekend, another selection of 'we go agains' and 'onto the next ones'.

BOXING: Legendary trainer Teddy Atlas with an inspiring tribute to the late great Marvelous Marvin Hagler.

NFL: New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees bowed out at the weekend following an illustrious 20-year career. The announcement was pretty cute, too.

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