Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson says Champions League final chaos must ‘never happen again’

Liverpool and England midfielder Jordan Henderson has slammed the chaotic scenes outside the Stade de France ahead of last season’s Champions League final.

Thousands of supporters were locked out of the ground and missed the kick-off against Real Madrid after the local police adopted draconian measures in an attempt to deal with a crush outside. 

Many fans were also targeted with pepper spray and tear gas by French authorities.

Fans were then attacked in the streets by local gangs after the match with little or no police protection.

A UEFA inquiry is still ongoing - Liverpool have received 9,000 written testimonies from fans who were at the final - and Henderson believes action has to be taken.

"I don't want to say too much at this stage, but there is a basic principle that needs to be agreed on by all involved in football and that is that football supporters should always be taken care of," Henderson wrote in his programme notes ahead of Monday's match against Crystal Palace.

"That is absolutely non-negotiable. Safety and security shouldn't be asked for or campaigned for, they should be a given and in Paris this was not the case.

"All of the players and staff had family and friends who were caught up in the problems outside the stadium so we are all well aware of what went on and what went wrong.

"The only conclusion that anyone can come to is that something like that can never happen again.

"I'm not just speaking for our supporters here either. Every single football fan needs to know that when they go to a match, the authorities will look after them. For that to happen, Paris needs to be a watershed.

"It has to be a moment that brings about change for the better. Nothing else is acceptable."

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