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Late drama and controversy propel Girona to La Liga summit

In a riveting clash, Girona emerged victorious with a 1-0 win over Celta Vigo on a Friday night showdown, thrusting the Catalan side to the summit of La Liga.

The headline-grabbing moment arrived courtesy of a late strike by Yangel Herrera, but it was marred by a contentious decision that could have entirely altered the course of the match.

With the scoreboard deadlocked at 0-0, controversy engulfed the game when Celta Vigo's Luca de la Torre appeared to have given his side the lead in the 83rd minute. However, the jubilation in the Celta camp was abruptly silenced as the referee signalled for an apparent foul by Carlos Dotor, a call that left many bewildered. Astonishingly, the decision to disallow the goal was upheld after a review by VAR, leaving Celta stunned.

Following the match, Celta's head coach, Rafa Benitez, was seething with frustration, articulating his disbelief at the disallowed goal. 

Benitez expressed his anger after the match, stating, "Obviously, I'm angry because it was a goal. Players cannot disappear from the field, and the goalkeeper takes the opportunity to dive after losing the ball. It's a goal. I don't get it. I don't know what they see; no one understands it." His exasperation echoed the sentiments of many football fans watching the contest.

The controversial disallowed goal was not an isolated incident, as it marked the fourth time this season that Celta Vigo had suffered such a fate. These repeated injustices have left the Galicians seething with frustration, as the points they could have garnered would have catapulted them far higher in the league standings. Instead, they find themselves languishing in a lowly 18th place, nursing their grievances and lamenting what might have been.

Girona's late victory over Celta Vigo not only propelled them to the top of La Liga but also ignited a firestorm of controversy due to a highly contentious disallowed goal.


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