July 13 Social Zone: England comes together in support of Euro 2020 penalty heroes

Shootout loss unites the country in condemnation of racists, while wrestling mourns Hall of Famer.

SOCCER: England's Euro 2020 defeat to Italy continues to dominate. Here's a reminder that social media (and the world in general) doesn't have to be all hate and toxicity.

SOCCER: I'd have preferred an apostrophe in this graffiti, though.

SOCCER: Tyrone Mings taking up the correct position yet again.

SOCCER: And a reminder that just because the Euros are over it doesn't mean it's an end to high-level European competition.

RUGBY UNION: While we were wrapping up the Euros on Monday we missed a chance to celebrate Sir Gareth Edwards' birthday. But more importantly, we missed a chance to celebrate this try.

GOLF: This could have been a lot worse.


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