Germany boss Hansi Flick hits back at Bastian Schweinsteiger following World Cup exit

Hansi Flick branded Bastian Schweinsteiger’s suggestion that Germany lacked ‘fire’ as ‘absolute nonsense’ following their World Cup exit.

The four-time world champions were sent packing despite a 4-2 victory over Costa Rica in their final group game. 

Japan's shock 2-1 victory over Spain confirmed Germany's exit as the Asian side finished top of their group.

Flick pointed to Germany's lack of efficiency as the reason for their exit. The 57-year-old was also frustrated with his team's last game of the tournament as Die Mannschaft were forced to comeback from 2-1 down against Costa Rica.

He told ARD: "At half-time I was disappointed, I was really angry. The way we made the opponent strong. We had endless chances. We brought the opponent into play through mistakes and carelessness on our part. That was not good.

"Nevertheless, you have to say: We won the game, we could have won it better. The end was not decided today, but in 20 minutes against Japan.

"We could have made it 2-1 against Spain too. We didn't have any efficiency in this tournament. That's why we're eliminated. The disappointment is of course huge. We have to process that first."

Schweinsteiger, who worked as the pundit for the German broadcaster, suggested that Germany lacked 'fire' at the tournament.

Flick responded by saying that wasn't the case, adding: "Because that is absolute nonsense."

Schweinsteiger hit back, saying: "There are situations on the field where the players lack the five percent concentration.

"Too often we let the opponents free and didn't deliver them, especially the defenders. I expected a lot more than that. That's what I mean by fire, I've seen that much more clearly in other games.

"We did well against Spain. Against Japan and today it wasn't enough for me. The spark didn't fly over there for me. Toni Rudiger usually does that, I miss something with the others.

"We conceded five goals. Since Euro 2016 we have always conceded a goal. If you don't defend well, you won't advance and you won't win, that's what I mean."

Flick added: "Yes, that's the way it is. We got goals, made mistakes. I don't see that the team isn't on fire.

"There was certainly a small disappointment, especially in the first half after the chances were missed."

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