February 23 Social Zone: Virgil van Dijk moves a step closer to Liverpool return

Much-missed defender on the road back; another great leap for Cristiano Ronaldo.

SOCCER: Good news has been in short supply at Liverpool recently. Hopefully, this footage of Virgil van Dijk will help boost the mood.

His return cannot come soon enough for Reds fans.

SOCCER: Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson with a message of support for Jordan Morris. USMNT star Morris suffered a second ACL injury while on loan at Swansea City.

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SOCCER: Can't decide whether I'm more jealous of Paul Pogba's foosball and pool tables or the aquarium. Certainly not the jeans, though.

SOCCER: A rare team photo of Cristiano Ronaldo not on his tiptoes.

SOCCER: But why stand on your tiptoes when you can leap this high?

SOCCER: Shades of Rivaldo 2002 from this Guatamalan player.

SOCCER: And after Boris Johnson's roadmap announcement yesterday, these two are counting the days until April 12.

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