July 8 Social Zone: Must-see scenes from across London as England celebrate semi-final win

It was a wild night in London, and across England in general, after the Three Lions finally won a semi-final at a major tournament.

Soccer: We have seen good England teams before, but we're not sure we've ever seen one loved like this. Exhibit A:

Soccer: Exhibit B:

Soccer: So, what is different about this England team and the 'golden generation' England teams of the past? Luke Shaw will show you...

Soccer: How you feeling after being subbed off tonight Jack? You must be gutted? Oh...

Soccer: There's always one, right?

Soccer: Although, looking at this, one might be a highly conservative estimate.

Soccer: Callum Wilson was tipped to make a late bid to be in the squad before injury, but it's nice to see him still involved.

Soccer: By the way, if you thought that the England fans disappeared quietly into the night, we know at least one bus driver who will disagree.

Soccer: Just us, or does Rio Ferdinand look like he enjoys being an England fan a lot more than he enjoyed being an England player?

Soccer: Let's quickly check in with how that fan park was feeling after England's equaliser...

Soccer: And how about for the winner?

Soccer: Of course, the breaking news here isn't the opinion itself but the fact that, after all these years, Arsene Wenger has finally seen a penalty. A triumph for persistence. We knew you'd get the hang of it in the end, Arsene...

Soccer: A sobering reminder that there are always victims...

Tennis: Piers Morgan, seemingly bored of letting Andy Murray destroy him on social media over the last couple of days, decided to let Andy Roddick have a go too with amusing consequences. 

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