April 28 Social Zone: Controversial Benzema goal rains on Chelsea’s parade

Volleys but no brollies in Madrid and fireworks but no celebrations in Peterborough.

SOCCER: My first thought was that Karim Benzema was offside from the first header back. It appears I'm not the only one.

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SOCCER: It was very, very wet in Madrid last night. What Thomas Tuchel wouldn't have given for a Steve McClaren brolly.

SOCCER: Cristiano Ronaldo delivers a stirring message from the naughty step at Juventus: "Success comes when your dreams are bigger than excuses."

Or, stop criticising me, the rest of the team is rubbish, too.

SOCCER: Brentford with one from the training ground.

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SOCCER: You need a win to clinch promotion to the Championship. You're 2-0 up at home to Doncaster who have lost seven of their previous eight. Might as well start the celebrations early.

Final score: Peterborough United 2 Doncaster Rovers 2.

Unsurprisingly, several videos of last night's celebrations have now been taken down from Twitter.

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SOCCER: Continuing the theme of premature celebrations. This time in League One.

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SOCCER: Celebration time for Cheltenham boss Michael Duff after his side secured promotion from League Two. Thankfully, after the final whistle this time.

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GOLF: Zac Efron may have changed his face but his golf swing remains a thing of beauty.

I think the committee may be having a word with him about the dress code, though.

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