April 13 Social Zone: Ronaldo caught flat-footed as ‘mini Messi’ dazzles

Youngsters show their love for the great of the game, while it all kicks off in Barcelona.

SOCCER: Tiptoes for photos must be a family thing.

SOCCER: And staying with Ronaldo. That joyous moment when your dad brings you something special back from work.

SOCCER: Obviously the only thing stopping our four-year-old daughter from doing this is that we won't let her have footballs in the house.

SOCCER: Looking forward to the referee's report.

SOCCER: More Premier League fixtures. More VAR controversy.

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SOCCER: There will be a few with sore heads this morning after pubs were allowed to reopen their outdoor spaces yesterday. Hopefully, Jeff isn't one of them.

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SOCCER: Everton had a youthful bench at Brighton on Monday night. Thankfully, none of them were required to sing.

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BOXING: Think your air guitar needs a retune, Tyson.

CYCLING: And finally, what a great moment for Cav.

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