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  • French Tyre Manufacturer Michelin Has Zero Interest In Returning To Formula

French tyre manufacturer Michelin has zero interest in returning to Formula 1

Michelin CEO Florent Menegaux revealed that his company and the FIA are too far apart in what they believe is a good racing tyre for Formula 1.

Michelin has ruled itself out of the tender process to supply tyres to F1, F2 and F3 because they have no interest in producing tyres that "destroy themselves", according to the group's CEO Florent Menegaux.
The French tyre company last supplied tyres to F1 in 2006 with Pirelli being the sole supplier since then.
The FIA recently opened the tender process for 2025 through 2028 but Michelin instantly took themselves out of the running.
"The question is, how do we leverage technology to have a good show?" said Menegaux in an interview with The Drive.
"And that's where F1 comes into play because we have been discussing with them for a very long time, and we are not in agreement.
"Because they say to have the show, you have to have tyres that destroy themselves. And I think we don't know how to do this. So, we cannot agree.
"Teams should be understanding tyre performance and capitalising on the fact that the tyre is going to be performing from the first lap around the circuit to the last.
"The drivers will tell you they want to be at their maximum all the time. And when I hear the drivers in Formula 1 - I like Formula 1 - but they say 'No no, it's not possible'.
"First, we need to remind ourselves why Michelin is in racing," added Menegaux.
"The first element is not about the show. It's not about the brand. It's about the technology.
"We are in racing because it's the best way to very quickly live test new technology. That's the first reason.
"And of course, there are side benefits. A side benefit is the show. A side benefit is brand awareness.
"But in terms of brand awareness, Michelin is one of the best-known brands in the world. We don't need to do this."

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