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F1 CEO admits he is 'more than nervous' to learn after 2022's budget cap submissions

Stefano Domenicali says there are some concerns about budget cap breaches from the 2022 season after submissions were made on 31 March.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali admitted to being 'more than nervous' to find out the results after Formula 1 teams submitted their accounts.
The budget cap has had a significant impact on Formula 1 since being introduced in the 2021 season with Red Bull already being sanctioned once for breaching it.
The penalty included a fine and reduced time in the wind tunnel to test new parts.
However, rumours are circulating the paddock that Red Bull believes at least six teams went over the financial limit for the 2022 season.
Formula 1 is heading for major drama if this turns out to be the case because many feel that Red Bull were not punished harshly enough for breaking the rules, so if six more teams are found to have done the same thing it could lead to chaos.
"I'm more than nervous," he told Sky Sports. "I'm pretty sure that everyone understands now what the effect is if there is a breach, and I totally agree that the focus on this will actually be very big.
"I think that is a point of attention mainly for the credibility and to check if everyone is respecting that rule, but [it] has to be done earlier than later.
"We are discussing and this is on the FIA's side to make sure that the control and the certification will be done much earlier because the effect, if some teams will be over it, has to be done in a proper way in as short a time as possible to be more credible.
"We see other sports that are tackling the financial regulation with, in my opinion, too long a time for a reaction - and this is not good."

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