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PFL Exclusive: ‘In nine fights, I could be a millionaire with two world titles,’ admits Dylan Tuke

In an exclusive interview with Planet Sport, Dylan Tuke opens up on his PFL ambitions, turning down KSW and fighting Connor Hughes.

Dylan 'The Nuke' Tuke returns to action on July 8 as he kicks off his PFL Europe campaign against Connor Hughes. 

The Irishman, who currently resides and trains in Scotland, has a 5-3 professional record and will arrive in Berlin on the back of a first-round submission defeat to Estabili Amato.
This weekend sees the first round of lightweight fights in the inaugural PFL Europe tournament which offers $100,000 for the winner.
In Hughes, Tuke faces a tricky opening bout considering the Englishman boasts a 7-0 professional record.
Nevertheless, 'The Nuke' has enjoyed preparation, telling Planet Sport: "All good ready to go, working away with the best coach ever in James Doolan.
"Every fight is the same, it's no different. It's just another day, doing the same as I always do. Getting to live the best life that I could ask for. Getting to train every day with my brothers. We can't complain."
Tuke rejected an impressive offer from Polish MMA promotion KSW in order to compete in PFL's brand new tournament.
He said: "I turned down a very nice contract by KSW a year ago. I knew that PFL were looking at me for the tournament.
"I just like how they're doing everything with fighters. I like how they treat their fighters, how they're all about the fighting aspect of it instead of the entertainment. The b******t as we call it.
"It was something new, it seemed intriguing. I'm here now, in Europe, I'm going to dust these Europeans and head off to the States, onto better things."
The PFL format allows fighters to progress through the ranks, no matter how popular or how many social media followers they may have.
That's something that appeals to Tuke, who said: "I don't know, I'm quite popular anyway, but I don't think that means f**k all. I don't want to be known by anyone, if people come up and stop me, I'm like 'f**k off'.
"I like to be on my own. All this social media, all this kind of b******t, it takes away from what's really important - that's smashing someone's face in."
As well as pocketing a nice cheque, the winner of the PFL Europe tournament will also receive an opportunity to fight on the main PFL roster in the United States.
Despite this, Tuke doesn't think his battle with Hughes will be the biggest of his career.

He said: "The fight with Sodiq [Yusuff] was bigger. Even if I didn't see it at the time, it was a big fight. Just because of the opponent. After I lost to Sodiq, he went over to the UFC and now he's something like 6-1. Obviously, that was a big fight.

"Now on the landscape of my rebirth, or my new career, it may be the biggest fight of my career when looking at the potential of where it's going to go or where me beating Connor leads me. In nine fights, I could be a millionaire with two world titles. Well, f*****g will be."
Fans can follow PFL Europe 2 in Berlin - including the fight between Tuke and Hughes - live on DAZN.
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