PFL Exclusive: Chris Wade believes he is the world's top five featherweight ahead of Loughnane bout

Professional Fighters League star Chris Wade believes he is among the top five 145-pounders in the world ahead of his semi-final clash with Brendan Loughnane.

Wade, who has been to four semi-finals in the PFL since joining the organisation in 2018, is yet to claim the $1million winner's prize. 

The 34-year-old reached the final last year, but ended up on the wrong side of a decision against Movlid Khaybulaev.

Nevertheless, Wade believes he is now in his best shape and has even described himself as one of the world's top fighters at featherweight.

When asked whether this is his time to go all the way and win the PFL championship, he told Planet Sport: "Yeah, absolutely. This is my time.

"I thought the first season in 2018 at lightweight was my time. I really feel like that semi-final split decision with [Natan] Schulte was a rough one. There's nothing I can do about it.

"Last year felt great all the way through, just got outwrestled there in the finals.

"I'm looking at the division right now and it's Brendan [Loughnane] and Bubba Jenkins. Kudo is not a grappler. I think that I'm more than just the best grappler, I'm the best fighter far and away that's left in the weight class.

"I truly believe that I'm a top five 45-er in the world, no matter what list you're compiling. I really honestly believe that."

Wade will travel to London for his bout with Loughnane on August 20 at the Copper Box Arena.

The American has warned that he is currently in the best form of his life and admitted that his injury worries are now behind him.

"I'm just locked in right now," said Wade. "I've been putting hard work in but it's hard to explain when hard work starts to click. It's crazy. I'm just mentally and physically locked in. I feel so much healthier than I was last year.

"Last year I was dealing with these injuries that I was hiding. Before the season started, I tore my knee. Not this year, but the year before.

"I kind of just quietly tried to get myself through that first round and tried to get healthy through the remaining rounds. I just felt like I was falling apart all year.

"This year, thank god, it's been such a different feel for me. I'm listening to my body more, I'm just supremely confident. It's the best Chris Wade that I've ever been able to put out there for people to see."

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