Exclusive: Rory MacDonald claims he 'has all the tools' to beat Kamaru Usman

Rory MacDonald spoke to Planet Sport ahead of PFL's two fight nights in the UK this summer in London and Cardiff.

Rory MacDonald has revealed he is hoping for a UFC return, providing he returns to winning ways in the Professional Fight League.

The PFL is a format where individual fighters control their own destiny as they compete in a regular season followed by the playoffs and championship.

MacDonald - who reached last year's semi-final - kicked off his 2022 campaign at welterweight with a victory over Brett Cooper via submission.

To make it into the playoffs, you must finish inside the top four and MacDonald currently sits top after earning six points for his win. Nine other fighters, including Ray Cooper III are in the welterweight tournament.

MacDonald - former Bellator welterweight champion - admitted if he could win the $1million prize then he would have an eye on becoming a triple champion.

"I'd be interested in fighting for the UFC again because that's still a goal of mine to be UFC champion," MacDonald told Planet Sport.

"But we'll see how things turn out. I just want to focus on winning my fights in the best fashion I can and, and building my career back up because I've come off a stint of several losses.

"I've got to rebound my career a little bit and see where things go from here. I think I have all the tools to be able to go to beat him in a lot of the areas," the Canadian said when asked about how he beats Kamaru Usman.

"He has great skills in every department of MMA. So and I believe I do too. I think just going out there and fighting them in every department and we come in good shape focus. You've got to be at your very best to fight a guy like that."

Robbie Lawler rematch 'biggest draw'

MacDonald is also open to the possibility of fighting the likes of Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit and Matt Brown at 170lbs in the future.

While the three legends are of interest, there is one name which stands out and that's Robbie Lawler.

The pair fought twice in 2013 and 2015 with Lawler winning both of them. The rematch - which was for the UFC welterweight championship at UFC 189 - was an instant classic and got named fight of the night by Dana White.

"I'd love to fight - any one of those guys would be cool if we got some big name, guys for the PPV events that they're doing next year (on PFL). It's very exciting. And I'm looking forward to that.

"Obviously, the Robbie Lawler fight is probably going to be the biggest draw, just because of the history there with our two fights. So there's that. It doesn't really matter, though. I'd love to fight anyone."

PFL 'exciting'

"Red King' praised PFL for 'paying fighters on time' and admires their ambition to 'dominate the sport'.

"Yeah, they're very exciting organisation. You know, they're innovative, the technology, they're bringing into the fan experience there. And they're expanding, you know, they're trying to get across the globe.

"They want to, they really want to dominate the sport, and they're going after it, I think in a smart way. They're paying the fighters well, and they're giving us a great platform.

"They have incredible production. And it's an exciting company, and I'm happy to be a part of it," added MacDonald.

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