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Viktor Hovland rips into PGA Tour bosses, doesn't blame Jon Rahm for leaving

World number four Viktor Hovland believes there is a lot of arrogance among the leaders of the PGA Tour.

That arrogance, in part, is what’s led to a slew of the PGA Tour’s biggest stars joining firebrand tour LIV Golf and upsetting the apple cart.

Speaking to Eurosport Norway in his native tongue, Hovland didn’t hold back about the current state of affairs.

"The management has not done a good job," said the 26-year-old.

"They almost see the players as labor, and not as part of the members. After all, we are the PGA Tour. Without the players, there is nothing. When you then get to see what happens behind closed doors, how the management actually makes decisions, which are not in the players' best interest, but best for themselves and what they think is best.

"They are not professional golfers after all. They are businessmen who say that 'No, it should look like this and that.' There is a great deal of arrogance behind it all."

On the subject of Jon Rahm, LIV Golf's most recent acquisition, Hovland understood the lure of money. After all, everyone has their price and the reported $500 million was clearly enough for the popular Spaniard.

"It would be a bit too silly to criticize the players for leaving," continued Hovland.

"After all, you only hear one angle in the media, and there are quite a few different parts happening at the same time here, I totally understand why he left. That's a lot, a lot of money."

All that said, Hovland isn't about to jump ship. Hovland's exploits - which include ten wins in the last three years and a runner-up finish at the PGA Championship - make him a tasty target for Greg Norman, the Great White Shark over at LIV Golf.

"I don't think their product is that great, I'm not such a fan of playing without a cut," said Hovland, which makes sense given he hasn't missed a cut since July 2022.

"You need the competition with 150 players and a cut. If you don't play well enough, you're out. There is something about it that makes your game a little sharper. If I had gone to LIV, I don't think I would have become a better golfer. And then it is, in a way, end of discussion."

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