Premier League Darts News: Joe Cullen earns fourth and final playoff spot in Berlin

He overcame the odds and stiff competition from Peter Wright to secure his place in the post-season festivities.

Premier League rookie Joe Cullen beat Peter Wright 6-4 on the final night of Premier League darts before the playoff round in Berlin in three weeks.

By his admission, Cullen's average could have been higher as he sealed his spot in the playoffs with a 94 average, including two 180s.

However, it was his finishing that won him the day as he had a checkout high of 105 and hit 85.7% of his doubles to keep up seemingly relentless pressure on Wright.

While Cullen was clearly over the moon to have earned his spot in Berlin, he tried his best to keep his celebrations to a minimum on stage.

"Peter is a class player and a class feller as well but I don't think I missed a dart at double 16 all night. Double 16 was great for me tonight," he said.

"I had to reign it in a bit out of respect for Peter but I did celebrate quite a bit at the end. I'm over the moon to be in Berlin.

"The Premier League has been so erratic for me this year but I felt so comfortable tonight.

"It's really strange that there have been weeks when I have felt really under pressure and not played great but this week I was under this amount of pressure and was able to produce like that.

"I don't think I had the best average, but if you can finish like that you give yourself every chance.

"I've been working towards the Premier League for a long, long time. So to qualify on the last night... it's strange how it's worked out.

"The new format was supposed to eliminate judgment night but tonight worked out as kind of a judgement night in itself."

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