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  • Luke Littler’S Net Worth, Girlfriend And Favourite Football Team

Luke Littler’s net worth, girlfriend and favourite football team

Everyone knows Luke Littler’s name following his meteoric rise to being darts’ latest superstar.

Here, Planet Sport’s Adam Nash serves up some interesting facts about the 17-year-old who has taken the darts world by storm.


What football team does Luke Littler support? 

Luke Littler is a massive football fan and he is a big fan of Manchester United. He often uploads on social media whenever Man United win and loves to wind up rival fans. 

After he came runner-up in the world championships, he got the opportunity to meet the entire Manchester United squad. He was pictured on the training pitch, but he didn't just get to meet them, he also got to play games of darts against the likes of Harry Maguire and Christian Eriksen. 

Since the World Championships, Littler has had many opportunities to meet many players from other teams, meeting Declan Rice and Aaron Ramsdale from Arsenal and James Maddison from Tottenham Hotspur.


What social media does Luke Littler use? 

The main social media that Littler uses is Instagram. He mainly uses it to post pictures from the competitions that he plays in but also what he gets up to in his everyday life like promoting podcasts he goes on and celebrities that he had the opportunity to meet. 

Despite Instagram being the main social media that he uses, he uses Tik Tok and is often seen reposting clips about football and clips from YouTube content creators like Angry Ginge.  

He recently had an online bust-up with Brentford's Neil Maupay via Instagram after a 1-1 against Manchester United. After the game, Littler put on Instagram that Maupay “talks more than he scores” and Maupay replied by saying “talking about big fish”.


Does Luke Littler have a girlfriend? 

Yes, Littler and his girlfriend Eloise Milburn started dating before the World Championships. They met via pro clubs on FIFA which took a lot of people by surprise. 

There was a lot of talk about the couple when it first came out in the media about the age gap between the couple as Littler was 16 when they first started dating and she was 21. The media also claimed that she is only with Littler for the money and the fame, which his mum denied, saying it’s a “total pack of disgusting lies”. 

Milburn plays amateur darts herself.


What is Luke Littler’s world ranking? 

Before Littler’s break-out performance at the World Championships, he was ranked 164th in the world rankings at the age of 16. Now at the age of 17 he is ranked 26th with a massive increase of 138, so it’s safe to say he has a very bright future ahead of him in darts.  

Project Luke Littler became a very popular saying during the World Darts Championships as it emerged that he started playing darts when he was just 18 months old.


Luke Littler’s net worth 

Littler’s net worth is currently around £600,000 after he won £200,000 for reaching the final of the World Darts Championships.  

Before the World Darts Championships, Littler had only earnt around £2,500 from tournaments. He is also currently sitting at the top of the 2024 Darts Premier League after night 11/17. If he wins then he will earn £275,000 and if he comes second, he will earn £125,000.  

During the World Championships Littler had many interviews, and when he was questioned about what he is going to spend his money on, he replied “FIFA points and kebabs”. 

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