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Tyson Fury highlights Oleksandr Usyk’s main weakness and claims he ‘quit’ against Daniel Dubois

Tyson Fury has once again hit out at Oleksandr Usyk following his heavyweight rival’s recent victory over Daniel Dubois.

Fury has boldly claimed that Oleksandr Usyk “quit” during his recent victory over British heavyweight Daniel Dubois.

Usyk returned to the ring after a long layoff last month as he made the second defence of his world heavyweight titles against Dubois.

The champion was in control for most of the fight, but he was dropped in the fifth with a low blow. As he is allowed to do, Usyk took a few minutes to recover before continuing.

Usyk swiftly regained his composure and later forced Dubois to take a knee in the eighth and ninth round before he was counted out by the referee.

Fury meanwhile is back in action at the end of October as he faces former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in a huge crossover bout in Saudi Arabia.

‘The Gypsy King’ should come out of this bout unscathed and it’s then hoped that he will face Usyk next at the start of 2024.

Fury has questionably argued that Dubois’ punch “wasn’t a low blow” and that he “should be the unified world champion”.

"We all know that wasn't a low blow," said Fury to Queensberry Promotions. "Usyk got beat fair and square. He lost by knockout to a body shot, that crippled him.

"I feel [very] sorry for Daniel [Dubois] because he should be the unified world champion right.

"He should be on course for the biggest payday that he will ever see, and I feel sad for him. That's boxing, it won't be the first time someone has been [expletive] out of something."

Fury has also indicated that Usyk is “vulnerable to the body”.

"I don't know if [Usyk] is vulnerable to the body, but the face he is vulnerable to," Fury added.

"The body is like [quiting]. I saw something in Usyk the other day, he quit. He quit like a little [expletive]. Then moaned about it, and cried about it for five minutes.

“So, he has quit once in my opinion, and what do I know I am only the world heavyweight champion."

Croatian heavyweight Filip Hrgovic is Usyk’s mandatory challenger for his IBF title and he “didn’t see anything special” from him when he beat Dubois last month.

“I’m not impressed, I’m not impressed with anyone. He is a good fighter, of course, but I am a good fighter as well,” Hrgovic told Seconds Out.

“I’ve had seventeen years in boxing, I’ve boxed with Olympic Champions, European Champions, World Champions, I’ve had a long career and sparred with everyone, so I feel like I can beat anyone. If I have a good camp, good focus and give my 100%, I know that I can beat anyone.”

He added: “I don’t see anything special. I feel like Dubois had some good moments and counters, he just needed to throw more, he needed to be more aggressive. I think that I have that endurance, that speed and I can throw more to give him more trouble than Dubois or Joshua.”

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