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Tyson Fury ‘doesn’t believe he beats Oleksandr Usyk’ - Ex-world champion hits out at Gypsy King

Ex-world cruiserweight champion Johnny Nelson has boldly suggested that Tyson Fury “doesn’t believe” that he would beat Oleksandr Usyk.

Johnny Nelson does not think Tyson Fury "believes" that he can beat fellow world heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk. 

It was initially hoped that Fury would face Usyk in a huge world title unification bout during the early stages of this year but talks broke down after the Brit insisted on setting unnecessary deadlines and making unfair financial demands to his potential opponent.

Fury has not fought since his one-sided pummelling of Derek Chisora last December, while Usyk's most recent bout was his successful rematch against Anthony Joshua last August.

Usyk will defend his world titles against mandatory challenger Daniel Dubois in August, but it remains to be seen whether Fury will fight more than once this year.

The two world champions are understood to be in talks over a fight which is anticipated to take place at the end of this year in Saudi Arabia.
Fury has done a lot of talking this year without actually stepping into the ring. Boxing fans are starting to get infuriated with the Brit and Nelson "doesn't care what he says".

"The only reason Tyson Fury is struggling to find an opponent is because of Tyson Fury," Nelson told Seconds Out.

"Pricing yourself out of a fight, making demands that don't suit anybody else, what do you expect? That's a Tyson Fury problem, it's nobody else's problem.
"I'm struggling to believe anything he says. Until it's signed, sealed and delivered, I don't care what he says.
"Tyson Fury has proved he is the best fighter in the world. I think he beats Usyk, but it sounds like Tyson Fury doesn't believe he beats Usyk. So all the demands, all the negotiating, all the hustling might be to squeeze out as much as he possibly can financially, and I rate that.
"But I'm not going to be one of these fools who blows smoke up his ass. I see through it. You can fight, and you deserve the lion's share, but I'm not buying that bulls**t [that there is nobody for him to fight]."

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