“Nobody blows through me!” - Shawn Porter issues a warning to Conor Benn

The two-time world champion believes that Conor Benn will not be able to steamroll him, Errol Spence Jr or Kell Brook…

Shawn Porter has cooled talk of a potential fight with Conor Benn, suggesting that there is no reason for him to face the Brit.

Benn picked up the biggest win of his career last Saturday. This came against Samuel Vargas, who knocked down Amir Khan in 2018.

The Destroyer lived up to his name as he steamrolled the 32-year-old. It took just 82-seconds for him to stop his opponent.

After the fight, Benn insisted that he wants to step up a level to fight some of the world's best welterweights.

The 24-year-old said that he would like to fight fellow Brit Amir Khan next. But he also named Porter as a potential opponent. 'Showtime' is a two-time welterweight champion and his only defeats have come against Errol Spence Jr, Keith Thurman and Kell Brook.

'Amir Khan won't fight Conor Benn'

Appearing on Sky Sports' Toe To Toe Podcast, the American suggested that Benn is not ready to face him:

"When you're getting in the ring and you're blazing through guys, in a round or two, it's great.

"It looks phenomenal, but you really don't know. You can use that and say, 'I'm just going to blow through those guys', but nobody blows through Shawn Porter, nobody blows through Kell Brook, nobody blows through Errol Spence Jr.

"When that doesn't happen, you need to know that you've got some other tools in your tool box, and you can go to those things to weather whatever storm that we're going to bring you.

"That's what I say when Nigel Benn says, 'my son is ready for Shawn Porter, my son is ready for world championship contention. Has he been through things yet in the ring, if he hasn't grown enough yet in the boxing ring as a professional?

"He certainly did not do it as an amateur, like Vergil Ortiz, Jaron Ennis. Those guys have been through the amateur program, they know all about it. It's only a matter of time before they get to the big time.

"There really isn't [a reason.] I don't think there's much to gain for me.

"Right here in this particular situation, something that not many people understand, especially the fighters, they don't really understand the business of boxing.

"The business of boxing says eight years at world championship level contention does not get in the ring with five years of boxing professionally. There's no comparison there. If the phone were to ring. I don't foresee it happening, but if it were to ring, we would kind of lean with that right there."

Is Benn ready for world level?

The Brit is now 18-fights deep into his professional career and arguably he is one of the fastest improving boxers around today.

He is getting better and better every time he steps into the ring as he edges himself nearer to the elite welterweights.

If he carries on his current trajectory, fights against the likes of Porter are inevitable in the near future. Although I personally would love him to face Khan next, a fight against Porter is fascinating.

Benn is not short of confidence and rightly so. He has an infectious personality and he is certainly a star in the making.

Going off of his performance against Vargas, he should be capable of mixing it with the world's best. Thankfully, we should not have to wait too much longer to see that…

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