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Ryan Garcia’s social media posts threaten to cancel WBC title fight against Devin Haney

Ryan 'Kingry' Garcia has threatened to sue the New York State Athletic Commission over a mental health evaluation.

NYSAC has requested Kingry complete the evaluation following a series of concerning social media posts.

Garcia took to X to confirm he intends to sue the commission due to defamation of character and infringing his constitutional right to free speech.

Now his WBC super-lightweight championship bout against title holder Devin Haney on April 20th is in danger if Garcia fails to participate or pass the evaluation.

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman revealed they are in talks with NYSAC regarding Garcia’s social media conduct. It is unclear at this stage whether they would consider finding a replacement for Garcia or cancel the fight.

It all started when Garcia took to Instagram to announce his divorce from his wife of three years, Andrea Celina. The post was uploaded only an hour after the birth of the pair’s second child.

Another post on March 3rd claiming the boxer had been murdered appeared on both his X and Instagram accounts.

The video contained the 666 symbol twice and was captioned, “we slit RG THROAT AND THRU HIM IN A BASKET NOBODY WILL FIND HIM”.

Celina responded to the video with her own post on Instagram addressing the growing concern around her ex-husband’s mental well-being.

She said, “This is not a troll I'm genuinely concerned and so is all his family members, we are not part of any of this and want him to get better but this IS REAL. Pray for him.”

Amid concerns for his safety, Garcia took to X the following day to reveal that he didn’t have access to his phone or Instagram account and that he was alive and well.

Kingry then appeared on a X space with Andrew Tate, claiming that he had been tied up in the woods and forced to watch children get raped by the ‘elite’ from Bohemian Grove.

Bohemian Grove is a mens-only club in Sonoma County, California. Garcia tweeted a clip from Alex Jones’ Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove wherein a group in masked robes perform a ritual.

He said “It just keeps rolling y’all don’t have to believe they took me here but I don’t have to prove anything to you”. He has also claimed that he was raped at the age of two as he uses his social media presence to fight to protect children.

Garcia has since tweeted that Elon Musk is the antichrist following deleted tweets, Katy Perry and The Weeknd sold their souls to the devil for money and fame and Garcia forced The Weeknd to lose their voice at a concert, rebuking it in the name of God. Under the hashtag #KingRyanForPresident he plans to run for President and promised to give American citizens $1 million each.

Kingry has taken aim at upcoming opponent Haney following his partnership with energy drink PRIME. Garcia has claimed that the drink allegedly kills people and described the brand as satan for supporting ‘Devil Haney’.

He then accused his opponent and Victor Conte of cheating after Haney posted a clean drugs test and said it would take an army to stop him hurting Haney.

In posts that would also concern the WBC and NYSAC, Garcia threatened to bite Haney’s ears. He tweeted, “I might bite Haney’s ears. Mike bit one ear - Ima bite both - I’m hungry.”

He followed up his threats with, “I don’t think I will - Stop hitting him when he’s down. I’m not even capping”.

The threats raise more cause for concern as the fate of the super lightweight championship fight rests on the discussion between the WBC and NYSAC. Fans will have to wait and see whether Garcia takes to the ring April 20th.

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