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‘It was now or never’ – Wakefield Trinity boxer Keanan Holford opens up on pro debut

Keanan Holford will make his professional boxing debut on July 20 in Bradford when he takes on a 45-fight veteran at the Cedar Court Hotel.

Holford - who represents Wakefield Trinity Boxing Club - officially made the transition to the pro ranks in December, but the welterweight prospect was made to wait before marking his debut.

The waiting game has now come to an end as Holford prepares to take on Paul Scaife in his first professional bout.

Scaife is far more experienced with 45 fights under his belt, though with 43 of those ending in defeat, Holford will be determined to mark his debut with a win.

When asked about life as a pro, Holford said: “I’m enjoying it. Training twice a day, five days a week, sometimes six days a week.

"It's tough. It is a hard life. Boxing is a hard, hard sport. It's probably one of the hardest sports I've ever done. But once you're in that mindset like I'm in now, it's easy. It's part and parcel.

“Some days you want to wake up and be up for it. And then there's other days where I'm thinking, why am I doing this?

“But then you've also got that thing in the back of your head saying, you chose to do this. Let's go. Let's get up. Let's do it. And that's just how it is.”

Holford is the latest boxer from the Wakefield Trinity Boxing Club to make the professional transition.

When asked why he decided to make the pro ranks, he said: “It was a now or never thing. I was going through a stage where I was either half in or half out. Then something switched in me.

“After my last unlicensed bout, I was just in that mood. I was there, I was committed. And I just didn't want to let it go. Because if I would’ve let it go, I would have never done it. And I would’ve been disappointed.

“It's about pushing yourself at the end of the day, and I've always enjoyed giving a good lick. It was going to happen eventually.

“I enjoy the environment, being around good people. But I like the fighting itself, it's got to be done. For me, especially, I’ve got a really addictive personality. So if I want something I've got to go get it.”

Holford makes his debut during a difficult time for his club. Wakefield Trinity Boxing Club are on the lookout for a new home and have a until next spring to come up with a solution.

With over 100 members training at the club, Wakefield Trinity is at the heart of the local community.

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