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Exclusive: Raven Chapman wants ‘best version’ of Lucie Sedlackova as Brit looks to make statement

Raven Chapman returns to action this Friday night as she squares off with Lucie Sedlackova at York Hall.

The 29-year-old will be looking to extend her unbeaten 7-0 record as she sets sights on bigger and better fights in 2024.

Last time out, Chapman picked up a hard-fought unanimous decision victory over Lila dos Santos Furtado – a bout which left the Brit with a nasty cut.

“I’m feeling good, really looking forward to just getting in there,” Chapman told Planet Sport ahead of Friday’s bout. “Training has gone really well. I just had a good camp.

“After the last fight, with the cut and everything, it forced me to have a bit of a rest. With the last fight, we were training quite long for it, the last few weeks of camp I felt like I was overtrained and tired. That was purely because we started too soon, we weren’t sure about the date we were gonna have.

“Going from the last camp to this one, I’m massively more on point. I’m not fatigued, I don’t feel tired, I don’t feel drained. We’ve had a great camp, it’s been the perfect length.”

Sedlackova boasts an impressive 15-1-1 record, with her only defeat coming against highly-ranked German featherweight Nina Meinke.

“I’m mainly focused on myself,” said Chapman when asked about her opponent. “I let my coaches look at the opponent and tell me what they’re like in terms of gameplan.

“I know a bit about Lucie, I know she’s a very good fighter. She’s only lost to Meinke who’s obviously up there in the top five as well.

“She’s going to be a tough opponent, she’s going to be very game. So she should be, that’s what I expect, I expect the very best version of her. I expect her to bring a good fight. Really looking forward to it.

“I like having a game opponent, it makes the fight more interesting.”

Fans can watch Chapman’s bout against Sedlackova this Friday night on TNT Sports.

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