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Exclusive: Raven Chapman stays at featherweight as WBC title shot vs Yamileth Mercado falls through

Raven Chapman revealed she is no longer looking at a move to super-bantamweight after her proposed world title bout with Yamileth Mercado fell through.

Chapman (7-0) returns to action on Friday night at York Hall when she takes on Lucie Sedlackova in just her eighth professional bout.

The Brit, who is looking for a step up in opposition, currently competes at featherweight which is a division controlled by undisputed champion Amanda Serrano.

However, with uncertainty surrounding the Puerto Rican fighter, and a possible MMA fight in the PFL on the cards, Chapman was open to moving divisions in order to challenge for a world title.

At one point, an opportunity did open up at super-bantamweight. While the 29-year-old was not keen on the weight class, she would’ve been persuaded to make the switch had there been a world title at stake.

Chapman told Planet Sport: “It was purely based on the fact that there was a potential opportunity to fight for a world title at super-bantamweight. It’s not a weight I’ve ever fought at or even considered fighting at.

“If there was a world title on the line, we would’ve gone for it. They had a few talks about it, but the fight didn’t happen in the end.

“Without it [world title] it wouldn’t be worth it for me. Featherweight is definitely my weight. We had to get all the body metrics checked to see if I could actually make the weight. I would have to change my body composition massively to actually do it safely.

“For how I walk around naturally, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I would’ve had to change my training and everything else – it would’ve been hard work.

“You have to go where the opportunities are. There was potential for a little while for a world title, but that didn’t go through. We’re staying at featherweight for now.”

When asked why the fight with Mercado inevitably collapsed, Chapman added: “It just didn’t happen in terms of timing, she had commitments in terms of her contract already. 

“It wasn’t meant to be and I think it would’ve been a real struggle for me to make that weight as I’m pretty lean anyway at featherweight. I would’ve had to lose quite a lot of muscle mass to get down.

“It was probably the right thing not to do it.”

Fans can watch Chapman’s bout against Sedlackova this Friday night on TNT Sports. 

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