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Exclusive: Raven Chapman opens up on 12 three-minute rounds in women’s boxing, suggests alternative

Undefeated featherweight Raven Chapman has backed the introduction of 12 three-minute rounds in women’s boxing.

The 8-0 professional recently picked up a convincing unanimous decision victory over Lucie Sedlackova to keep her unbeaten record intact.

Chapman’s latest bout was contested under 10 two-minute rounds – as are the majority of professional women’s boxing bouts.

One recent exception was Amanda Serrano’s successful world title defence against Danila Ramos.

The Puerto Rican successfully defended her belts last October in a fight contested over 12 three-minute rounds.

Since then, Serrano announced she would relinquish her WBC belt after the organisation refused to sanction female world title bouts under those terms.

When asked about the introduction of 12 three-minute rounds in women’s boxing, Chapman told Planet Sport: “I think it definitely suits me a lot better, that slower pace over the three-minute rounds.

“You see a lot in women’s boxing, it’s just non-stop punches, not necessarily technically great in terms of setting up your work. It’s just about throwing volume.

“Sometime the less technical boxers do well in the because it’s just about volume punches. As long as you’re fit and you can keep punching, that’s all you need to do. Whereas we’re a bit more clever, a bit more technical, we like to set up the work.

“At the same time, because of the non-stop, you can see why a lot of the female fights are exciting. It’s just all action from start to finish. Your attention span stays on it because it’s two minutes not three minutes.

“I think there’s still a gap that needs to be bridged. Maybe it’s about getting it to 12x2 first then pushing for 12x3. Just getting those championship rounds in as well.

“I’d definitely be up for 12x3. It’s boxing at the end of the day. That’s the kind of standard boxing pro rules if you like.”

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