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Exclusive: Harlem Eubank eyes stunning Battle of Britain showdown against Conor Benn

Harlem Eubank is set for a summer return and while he admits there is still room for growth, the undefeated star can't help but look at the bigger picture.

It would be fair to say Harlem Eubank has gone under the radar when it comes to the Eubank name in boxing. 

Chris Eubank Sr held world titles in two divisions and is remembered for one of the most famous rivalries in British boxing history alongside Nigel Benn.

Then there is Chris Eubank Jr - the son of Eubank Sr - as flashy as they come and an entertainer who has been involved in some British blockbusters himself, including Billy Joe Saunders, George Groves, James DeGale and more recently Liam Smith.

But you would be a fool to sleep on Harlem Eubank. The son of former boxer Simon Eubank, and cousin of Eubank Jr, is learning his craft at an impressive pace.
Despite only getting into boxing at the age of 18, Harlem, now 29, is going strong with a record of 17-0 under the tutelage of Adam Booth.
"The goal is to become world champion and that's what I've got my eyes set on, and the titles that come before that I am ready for them opportunities as well," Harlem told Planet Sport.
"I've been taking on fighters that are a good level and really a lot of the fights I have been involved in could have been for titles.
"I feel like I have got to keep beating what is in front of me and learning and growing and the titles will be there. I'm getting better and better - I just need to keep going on this trajectory."
Booth's stable consists of some high level talent, which features British champion Josh Kelly and Michael Conlan who is set to challenge for the IBF featherweight titleholder and Josh Warrington conquerer Luis Alberto Lopez on May 27.
And Eubank praised his stablemates for the influence they have had so far on his six-year professional career.
"Being around fighters like Josh Kelly and Michael Conlan and the experience is second to none. I am learning and growing with Adam and the fighters as well - it's been great.
"I can work with all of them because I'm in the middle (when it comes to the weight divisions), I can get experience in the ring with all of them which is a great position to be in. That is definitely a big part of my growth for the last few years.
"It's an experience training alongside Mick because he prepares for this type of magnitude of a fight. It's experience in the bank because I can see the level in training, I can see the intensity as well as helping him and with that, you're gaining experience yourself.
"There's always some tips or some nugget of gems. I think the main thing is to take your time and not rush anything and learn to the best of your ability.
"Mick has so much experience from being at a young age, being an amateur since five years old. He's lived boxing so for me coming into it at 18, I think the main message is there is more growth to be had and gaining the experience.
"It's a great place to be with so much experience in the gym and all the boys, it's like a family we all support each other and go each other's fight and will each other on and that's a great environment to be in."

Blockbuster with Benn will happen

The world continues to await Conor Benn's next move. There is talk of him fighting overseas in his next bout with the United States and UAE being the two most likely destinations.
As Planet Sport revealed, Manny Pacquiao is ready to fight Benn next but has yet gained a definitive answer from Eddie Hearn, according to advisor Sean Gibbons. Another name linked is former welterweight champion Keith Thurman.
Chris Eubank Jr will always be seen as a fight in the pipeline due to the amount of money it will generate. Should it not happen after Eubank's rematch against Liam Smith, cousin Harlem is more than prepared to set up the domestic clash - and believes it is destiny for them to fight before either man hangs the gloves up.
"Most definitely," said Harlem on fighting Benn within next 12 months. "It depends on his situation regarding whether it's a ban or not in terms of whether he can fight but when that situation is resolved I don't see any reason why that fight can't be made.
"I've been keen for it for a long time since I got into the professional ranks. I always knew it was a collision path and we are set to collide in one point in time and I'm ready for when that time comes. Once he's cleared his name or taken his ban and come back into the sport under the BBBofC following their guidelines - it's a fight that can happen.
"I believe I'm a superior boxer and I think he's a good fighter but I don't think he's a boxer at all and unfortunately boxing wins so that's how I see it going.
"As a fighter I'm bored of hearing his name all the time when there's so many great fights being made out there and everything that happened it's a big talking point still but I think although I'm bored, at first I think he looked pretty guilty with all the things that had gone on."

Benn had a point to prove with Piers Morgan

"Something has been found in his system and I don't think he has presented the evidence against him yet. Potentially he will, I'm not too sure. I'm as in the dark as everybody else," said Eubank when asked about the saga of Benn's failed drugs test and his issue with the British Boxing Board of Control.

"I think going on Piers Morgan - if you are guilty, would be a very stupid move because he is known for exposing the gaps in any story, everybody knows that. It made me think maybe there's more to it.

"Maybe he's got a point to prove but it is yet to be proved. He needs to resolve his issues with the BBBofC and I would be willing and ready to fight him."

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