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‘Everybody is on notice’ - Richard Riakporhe reacts to Bregeon TKO, talks Billam-Smith vs Masternak

Richard Riakporhe revealed he wants ‘big fights’ in 2024 after making quick work of Dylan Bregeon in Wolverhampton.

The 33-year-old needed just two rounds to dispatch his opponent and improve his professional record to 17-0.

The cruiserweight has now stopped his last five opponents as he continues to forge a path towards a potential world title opportunity.

“That’s what we do,” Riakporhe told Sky Sports after the fight. 

“I’m different now, I’ve changed. I’ve been working with Angel Fernandez and he’s made me realise that in here, I’m a different person. I might do the modelling outside, but in here I’m a totally different animal.

“I sent a message to everybody. Everybody is on notice because when I get in the ring with all these champions, all these guys, they want to talk but it’s only until we step in.

“Once I let those hands go, it’s over. As soon as I land. I just need two shots, maximum. And it’s over.”

Riakporhe is expected to take on the winner of Chris Billam-Smith’s WBO title bout with Mateusz Masternak.

When asked for his prediction on December’s title showdown, the Brit said: “It’s a tricky one. I hope CBS does it. I like Masternak as well, I’ve worked with him a few times.

“May the best man win. But whoever wins is getting knocked out by the Midnight Train. That’s all it’s going to be.”

He added: “It’s all big fights [in 2024]. We’re knocking everybody out.”

Riakporhe’s victory over Bregeon was his second fight in 2023 and fourth in two years.

When questioned about activity, the 33-year-old admitted he wants to fight on a more regular basis.

He said: “I told Ben [Shalom], I’m going to knock this guy out in a round or two. I need to get straight back out, what can you do? He said, lets deal with this guy, and we’ll talk.

“But I want to be active, I want to be boxing every couple of months – honestly. Activity is the most important thing.”

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