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‘Don’t judge me off that’ - Campbell Hatton reacts to frustrating win over Jamie Sampson

Campbell Hatton maintained his unbeaten professional record following a ‘scrappy’ victory over Jamie Sampson.

The son of legendary boxer Ricky Hatton moved to 14-0 on the undercard of Jack Catterall’s bout with Jorge Linares.

The eight-round fight was far from an easy watch as Sampson received continuous warning for holding. The 32-year-old was ultimately docked two points, with the referee taking action in round five and six.

One minute and seven seconds into the final round, Mark Lyson disqualified Sampson, handing the victory to Hatton.

“It’s not at all what I wanted,” the 22-year-old told DAZN.

“I prepared well. Southpaw style is not something I struggle with. I’ve been mixing it with some top southpaws, Jack Catterall being one of them. It weren’t as scrappy as that, I performed a lot better.

“I don’t think anyone’s gonna look good against that amount of holding. I think the ref did a good job. He gave him every opportunity.

“Just apologise to everyone who came to watch that because that wasn’t entertaining anyone.”

Campbell added: “He was hanging on for dear life. He was getting constant warnings and was doing nothing to stop it. I think it shows the ambition wasn’t there after a while.

“First couple of rounds I thought he was tricky, using good feet, he was doing a fair bit of holding then but it was seen as more tactical. After that, as he started tiring and I started getting to him, it just seemed like survival tactics more than anything.”

Campbell is now setting his sights on a potential 10-round bout and a title opportunity.

The Hurricane said: “Don’t judge me off that performance at all. That wasn’t like watching the Campbell that we know, not just in the gym but the last few fights. The performances have been getting better and better. That’s followed in the gym.

“For me, it was purely down to the opponent. I’ve got to watch it back but I’m not going to put my hands up and say ‘don’t blame me’ but you can’t judge me off that. I think I’m ready for 10-rounders and a title of some sort.”

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