Conor Benn ‘free to fight’ as Chris Eubank Jr laughs off rival’s innocence claim

WBC chief Mauricio Sulaiman has confirmed that Conor Benn is “free to fight” despite him failing two drug tests in 2022.

Through VADA, the Brit twice tested positive for banned substance clomiphene last year and this forced his bout with Chris Eubank Jr (scheduled for October 10) to be called off during fight week.

Benn has spent the last couple of months out of the public eye as he has attempted to clear his name.

A 270-word document has been sent to the WBC which is said to put forward the case that Benn has been the victim of contamination.

The details of this document are yet to emerge publicly, and Sulaiman has indicated that the WBC will take as much time as they need to come to a resolution but Benn "can fight" in the meantime.

"He can fight. He is free to fight. He is not in any way suspended," Sulaiman told Boxing Voice (via The Sun).

"The WBC is going through the process. We received a document from his team of 270 pages and within that document, there are many matters that need further investigation and action.

"This is not a matter that can be simply resolved with sympathy or saying 'X, Y and Z'.

"We have to go into the facts because there are legal implications. We will have to take all the time necessary."

He added: "We received their document, we sent a letter back to their lawyers and it took three weeks for them to respond.

"It is not that we have stalled the case, we are actively working on it and following the protocol.

"There are lots of things I cannot respond to because there are legal implications so a complete investigation has to take place."

Benn has appeared confident that he has done enough to prove his innocence.

On Monday evening, his Instagram story read: "Been through hell and back. Thank God for science, The evidence doesn't lie. No holes in truth."

Eubank Jr has continued his feud with Benn in recent months via social media and he was quick to respond to his rival's latest comments.

"I'm pretty sure it was science that detected the illegal substances in your system on two separate occasions Conor," Eubank Jr tweeted.

"So yes absolutely thank god for science… otherwise I would of been fighting the hulk a few months ago!"

Eubank Jr returns to this ring this weekend as he battles Liam Smith at Manchester's AO Arena on Sky Sports Box Office.

Benn and his promoter - Eddie Hearn - meanwhile have indicated that he will not fight until his name has been cleared in public.

Going off of the comments from Sulaiman, he may be made to wait a while yet and this will frustrate him and boxing fans who are keen for this tiresome saga to end.

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